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The FAST charity was introduced as an additional benefit to being a FATE member.  All charities have a mission statement and the FAST statement is simple enough:

To aid and assist any member of FATE(GB) Limited who may be critically injured, endure real hardship or to help their loved ones left behind should the very worse happen and a member dies.  To date this has proved very useful and a key helping hand to several FATE members. We, as a charity, have received testimonial to the support given to members in writing here.

We must remember however that it is the generosity of the FATE members that empowers the FAST charity with the cash flow and income to be able to award deserving members with a cash award.  We are fortunate to have regular lottery styled draws, generous donations and other income generating events run ‘in house’ making the charity a very tangible success for FATE members.

Small, medium and larger sized companies along with individuals are encouraged to sponsor both FATE & FAST helping to lead the way to a better future for the finishing trades within The Construction Industry by way of donation, advertising with us or by organising and holding fund raising events.

Perhaps your company would like a placement on one or more of the web pages.  Get in touch.  We’d be delighted to hear from you and discuss an advertisement further.  As a supplier you too could advertise.  Whatever your company, as a contributor, you’ll be rewarded with not only visible recognition but more importantly the warm fuzzy feeling that you’ve helped the very core roots of the trade you make you’re living from.

Perhaps you’ve got a fund-raising idea you could offer up to support the FAST charity? Whether you’re willing to walk over hot coals, swim the English Channel or perhaps climb Mount Everest we’d like to hear more.

Charities often suffer from bad press with the trustees and governors taking fantastic salaries and benefits.  You can rest assured that will never happen with our charity. Every last penny raised is banked and set aside for the next good cause or member that needs help.

At The Finishing & Associated Trades Equity we believe in going much farther than than the average Trade Organisation or good cause.  We believe in giving our members as many benefits, directly or indirectly as possible.  FATE is the Trade Equity that loves all members.  We view our members as true Pioneers.  the FATE mission is to make our corner of The Construction Industry a better and more productive place to be.  More welcoming.  More organised.  More.  Together.

Remember this is our charity – that is not just mine or ‘ours’ as in the trustees.  It is all of ours, that’s mine, his, hers.  And yours.  All of ours – together.

Together, as members and associates of FATE we can work toward many goals and building & helping the FAST charity is one of them.

Together WE Are Stronger. One Voice

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