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Some words from our members


FATE knows no boundaries when striving to service an industry that obviously needs some attention. From aiding small business growth in a vast number of ways to supporting good, honest people financially when appropriate and all the way through to helping businesses meet new clients/win new contracts.

It’s ridiculous how far they’ve (sorry we’ve) come, especially in shaking up industry legislation and cleaning up some dirty habits that were a daily occurrence.

There’s a lot left to do but FATE have my backing and there is no one more suited to the job. I would be surprised if there’s another equity/union across the board that have achieved what’s been achieved here. Keep up the good work.

Over £200 in savings from Accountant and Tools, free Asbestos Training, in just 5 months. The advice & help you receive is invaluable. For £30 a year it’s a no brainer. Keep up the Good Work FATE !!

We all think we own it. Lol but joining fate is the best thing i done to progress in work the people on it and the format itself is brilliant 👌👌👌👌✊✊✊✊✊✊❤❤❤❤

I joined fate shortly after it started , primarily to support Scott and Graham in a small financial way in return for the countless hours they put into running the forum and behind the scenes .
I’ve done work for at least 4 members and employed more than 10 fixers . I’ve won work through shared information on the forum . Used risk assessments and legal letters from the files area. Discounted employers and public liability insurance ( knocked £50 off my best price to seal the deal )plus free £15k life cover .
I’ve done the asbestos awareness which is worth £30 alone .
£20 (5% ) off through ffx tools discount.
I think that is probably it , it’s certainly helped my business .

Within a day of commencing membership we shared our business Facebook page on the members only Facebook group and connected with a new customer. This quickly lead to new business – RESULT !!!!! Thank you FATE.

Omg was so amazing i even got a pen , yes you heard i got a pen the pen . My life is now complete unless i run out of ink.

When I first heard of FATE I thought ‘what could it do for me?’ I was a one man subbie and thought it wouldn’t fit any need I have..
I was wrong!
FATE offers you the tools to expand your own knowledge with a wealth of experience.
It can help you through the your toughest times should you face them at work.
It’s a family of members that have clubbed together for each other that offers invaluable advice, discounts and files that could rack up in monies of you should be them and all they ask is for £30 a year.

It’s more than a bargain for me and I wouldn’t be where I am now without FATE on my side.

Every one involved should be very proud of what they/we have achieved.

I think Fate is an amazing organisation that will in time, not too long, develop into an association / trade body other sectors will copy. Fate is Member focused with a strong desire to ensure training delivered for the members is fit for purpose and appropriate. Not always the case and for far too long the sector has been undervalued and ignored.

Best £30 I spent….

Great site,lots of info for the Interiors sector.Jobs for everyone – experienced and newbies starting out.
Admin v.good to answer any issues.

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