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A special mention here for training.  The importance of training and being qualified and what it can do for your career.  If you’re going to be taken seriously in your trade, as a small business, or even as a sole subcontractor, your clients are increasingly likely to want a team or person with the right credentials.

NVQ level 2 and above is seen as a minimum requirement now in the finishing sector.  The fee to obtain this can, on occasion, be funded, but more often than not you’re likely to need to pay. There is a clear route now however for you to claim back £600 from the CITB as a grant.  All that is required is for you to be CITB registered and to fill out the claim forms.

You Do Need a Construction NVQ?

Chances are if you’re here in the FATE members area the answer is yes. What to do about it? Time for action? Why not sign up with our affiliate assessors – SD Training & Consultancy.

Most higher level CSCS cards, and many higher-level affiliate card programmes require an NVQ, and most construction employers require such a card before you can be hired. Therefore, attaining the right level of Construction NVQ can be crucial in advancing your career in the construction industry.

Find out more information here.

How Do I Get a Construction NVQ?

Don’t miss a days pay by being assessed for an NVQ level on site, as you work. We send out an assessor to observe and ask questions during a typical day, and you will be judged on your knowledge, performance and experience.

Earning NVQ levels is really about knowing how to do job well and safely. Especially at the lower levels, as little as three years on the job experience is often enough to qualify you.

As you get up to the higher levels, study and revision at home of an evening becomes more and more important. Of course, our construction, training and NVQ experts will be happy to meet with you at our London office to discuss your NVQ strategy and advise you on any aspects you feel you might need help with. Find out more information here.

Not only this, we hope to cover the key elements of need when starting or growing a business. Starting or expanding a business isn’t as easy as many would think. Having dependable suppliers in place who will offer you a viable credit stream can open up business opportunities  and your capabilities so much more readily is one of the prime assets you will need for sure.

Our affiliated suppliers will always offer product support and knowledge so don’t be afraid to ask.  Establishing good relationships with clients and suppliers will broaden your horizons allowing you to expand and control your business better.  Be warned though.  Be accurate and concise when ordering and pay your bills on time.  If you’re a start up business you will need to establish a history and eventually a reputation for paying on time.

Something should be mentioned here regarding manufacturers.  Lean on the manufacturers for product knowledge and support.  Use their resources to gain product knowledge and information.  Establish good relations with their area representatives and always but always, be polite.

Here are just a few of our affiliated suppliers: Find the full role call on our affiliates page

Siniat want to help you as much as possible throughout the specification and build process and have created unique tools to help make your life easier. Visit their Knowledge Centre for literature, certificates, BIM objects and more to ensure you have everything you need. Remember, Siniat also have a Technical team available from 08.15-17.00 so when you’re at work, they’re at work, too. They also have apps – take a look on the app store and enter ‘Siniat’.

Premier Render Supplies – Contact Phil Gilpin at PRS for a great service.  Call him or email – He’ll always sort a FATE member out with price & service as a priority. 07495 863722 or email

Liability and General  – Offer FATE members industry leading insurances. It is their belief that the key to building and maintaining a strong working relationship honesty, openness, trust, and of course, value for money. They have an online calculator or contact them directly on 01473 350456 in office hours.  Alternatively email

Gypsumtools  Offer a fantastic discount to members across pretty much everything.  FATE members can also use membership cards in store if they are local to Leicester. Have your members card with you to access the discount at the point of purchase. Taping tool hire? Buy on line, set up a trading account or cash purchase.

Gypsumtools are friendly so don’t be reluctant to call them. 0845 625 4321. Callum Wilson and Jade Gibson can also be found on our FATE members private Facebook page.  Gypsumtools offer a wide range of plastering & taping tools along with a fixers fix too.  Check out their brand new web site for the full range. Why not have a look at their blogs and interesting ‘how to’ videos.

Diesel 24  Offer for members what we believe is the best and most flexible range of fuel cards available.  Diesel 24 currently offer a choice of 7 different options of card so your choice can be tailored to suit your own habits and needs. FATE members will have NO MONTHLY CARD FEE. This fuel card company are friendly & family run. Customer Service, support and sexy cheap prices are Diesel 24’s trademark guarantees. Contact for further info or better still pick up the phone. 01698537157.

For the full range of the FATE affiliates and what they offer please check out our affiliates page.

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